Making Sustainable Architecture

WELCOME to MSA, a leading interdisciplinary design firm based in Hamilton, Ontario. Our focus on Sustainability drives the work we do – so that our integrated approach not only inspires efficiency in architecture, interior and engineering design, but sparks innovation.
Under the overarching umbrella of sustainability, our focus lies within the spheres of Healthcare/ Research, Institutional, Commercial, Multi-Unit  Residential and Industrial/ Transit projects. We fluidly navigate between renovation and new construction projects that spans a broad range of scales from the relatively small to the very large. 

Recent News


Corner Brook City Hall earns LEED Silver Certification

MSA was acknowledged for its contribution to this achievement with a plaque and covered in the local news


The GSA Phoenix wins Urban Design Award

The Ontario Association of Architects congratulates the winners of the fifth annual Hamilton Urban Design and Architecture Awards. 

Community Talk


MSA does Hallowe'en

MSA held an office pumkin carving contest leading into the spooky holiday. Each team picked their own themes, taking advantage of different styles, carving techniques and their storey-telling ability. MSA Staff also celebrated October 31st by donning a wide range of Halowe'en Costumes 


Falling into place

Why this aspiring Architect moved to Hamilton...

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